“Well I’ll Be Damned” Episode 2

Did you enjoy the first instalment of this urban fantasy serial? Are you keen to find out what happened to Hayden? Then keep reading because the story continues today. 

If you missed it, be sure to read Episode 1 first.

Episode 2

I stomped about the kitchen, opening cupboard doors, or staring vacantly at the scant items on the shelves of the open refrigerator. A gnawing hunger assailed my being, but none of the usual options for breakfast had any appeal. A cut of steak from the freezer compartment somehow found its way into the microwave on a thaw setting. Bewildered, I sat on a chair trying to remember if, or how I did that. The timing bell pinged.

After I devoured the raw steak, the doorbell chimed. When I answered it, my jaw gaped open at the sight of the tall, voluptuous woman who stood before me. Long black hair fell to her hips, drawing my eyes from her pale face down the length of her corset-covered body.

‘Hello, sweetheart. Are you ready for your first hunt?’

Memories of the previous night flooded my mind, brought on by the sound of her deep, raspy voice. Shit! There’s no way any of that can be real. I stumbled back, but the woman stepped inside and caught me around the waist. ‘S-Seraphina?’

She smiled warmly; her golden eyes glowing. ‘Yes, that’s right, my darling.’

‘What did you do to me?’

Her talon-tipped fingers combed my tousled hair. ‘I gave you a better life. One you can share with me.’ She carted my limp form to the couch and sat me down. Perched before me, her impressive cleavage drew my eye, the plump curves emphasized by brocade-covered bone.

As soon as I could gather my wits, I looked up into her knowing eyes. ‘You drank my blood,’ I whispered.

‘And you drank mine. It is a necessary part of the ritual. I imagine you are quite hungry by now?’

All I could do was nod.

‘That is normal for initiates to the clan.’


‘I’ll explain everything in due time. Right now, your appetite is our priority. Come with me and I’ll show you the ropes.’ Rising, she offered me her hand.

I gave it a tentative glance. ‘Where do you intend to take me? What do you want from me?’

With a sigh, Seraphina settled beside me again. ‘We will return to the club where we met, and you will find someone to feed on.’

Comprehension struck my mind like a lightning bolt. ‘You want me to drink someone’s blood?’

She snickered softly. ‘Oh my darling Hayden, you are precious. I’m not the one who wants you to drink. When you find a sweet young thing with the essence of life pulsing through her, you will find it impossible to resist the urge to bite into her neck and drain her dry. That’s why I will come with you, to teach you self-control. You must not kill them.’

I was relieved to learn I would not need to take a human life. ‘Okay. Just give me a moment to change.’ My shabby jeans and ripped shirt were not exactly club attire. Recalling the types of patrons I met at the bar, I decided my leathers would be ideal. But that also meant digging about in my closet since I had not ridden my bike in years. Not since… the incident.

When I stepped into the lounge room, Seraphina cupped her gasp with her slender hands, and her gaze darkened. ‘You look simply divine. I can’t wait to get you back home after the hunt.’

The implications evoked a thrilling rush running straight to my core, spurring on another form of hunger that I was even more eager to satisfy. I smiled for the first time that day. ‘Let’s eat.’

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