“Well I’ll Be Damned” Episode 3

This month I bring you some steamy urban fantasy hot off the press…

If you did not catch last month’s instalment, be sure to read Episode 2 first.

Episode 3

I did not know what to expect when I stepped outside of my suburban home, hand in hand with Seraphina, the bewitching goth chick who had turned me into a monster. Not a limousine though, I can tell you that much. The long, shiny black vehicle sat in my driveway. I glanced at my companion. ‘Isn’t this a bit excessive?’

‘This is my preferred mode of transport. Unless you’re offering to take me for a bike ride.’ Her gaze travelled down the length of my leather clad figure.

Gulping, I shook my head. ‘My bike is out of commission. I haven’t ridden in years.’

‘Hmm, pity,’ she sighed. ‘You’ll have to see to fixing it as soon as possible. In the meantime, I would not dare to be seen travelling in anything less than perfection.’

I waved at the darkened windows. ‘I doubt you would be seen at all in this thing.’

‘That’s the point, my dear. Come.’ She snapped her fingers and the rear doors opened of their own accord.

After picking my jaw up from the pavement, I dropped into the plush leather seat beside her. ‘How did you do that?’

She shrugged. ‘Magic, of sorts.’

Once the car had backed out onto the street and was sailing smoothly through traffic, I turned to face her. ‘Do I have powers like that?’

‘No, but you will eventually. These things take time to develop. Thankfully, you have plenty of it now you are immortal.’

‘What?’ I gaped at her again. This was a huge bombshell, one with aftershocks trembling through my body.

‘That’s one of the best things about being damned. No more aging, no illness, or infections. Injuries heal in the blink of an eye. That is, unless you lose your heart or your head.’

‘What if I don’t want to live forever?’

Her eyebrows climbed heavenward. ‘Some Elders grow tired of this world, so they sink into torpor—a deep, dreamless sleep—but generally we make the most of our gifts.’

Muddled thoughts churned through my mind as I tried to process what she was telling me. I could hear her perfectly, each word legible, yet the sentences she strung together were strange, almost foreign. One thing stood out above all others. ‘You referred to us as damned. What exactly do you mean?’

‘Pfft.’ She waved dismissively. ‘Let’s not get caught up in talk of philosophy and theology just now. You are still too new to this world. Like a newborn baby, your focus should be on survival. My role is to nourish and teach you.’

I huffed. ‘So what? You’re like my mother?’

‘We prefer to use the term Benefactor. Mother, father, parent, and sire all suggest close familial ties that would taint our inevitable coupling.’

 Cocking my brow, I let a short laugh slip out. ‘Inevitable, huh? What makes you so sure I’ll jump into bed with you?’

A soft smile touched her plump lips. ‘All fledglings eventually sleep with their benefactors. We share a mystical connection drawing us together. It’s like a form of symbiosis really. You need me to keep you safe and show you the ropes, while I need you to keep me company and warm my sheets.’ Licking her lips, Seraphina’s eyes darkened. ‘The sex is just a bonus we can both enjoy.’

Feeling the growing pressure between my legs, I adjusted my weight and tried to quell my traitorous dick. If this woman thinks I’m an easy lay, she’s got another think coming. Resolute in my decision to resist her charms for as long as possible, I turned my gaze to watch the passing traffic. Bright lights blurred with the limo’s movement, dimmed by the tinted glass, they gave the overall effect of a muted bokeh photo.

‘It’s okay, Hayden. I am patient. Take as long as you need. I will not pressure you, nor will I ever stop you from enjoying the pleasures of the hunt. Speaking of which, it looks like we have almost reached our destination. Are you ready to embrace the darkness?’

‘Do I have a choice?’

 ‘You could always become the youngest man in history to opt for an eternal slumber, but I get the impression you have a real thirst for life. Ambition will get you far in this world.’

I groaned when she pegged me with her insight. While it was tempting to defy her, I had no desire to squander this opportunity. Imagine the things I could achieve with countless lifetimes ahead of me. ‘Yeah, okay. I’m ready.’

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