“Well I’ll Be Damned” Episode 8

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Warning! This episode contains explicit content for mature audiences. Reader discretion is advised. This is because things really heat up from Hayden…

Episode 8

‘Who are you talking about? Who did you… kill?’ Seraphina asked me with a severe tone.

‘Sheena’s housemates.’ I closed my eyes and pictured the devastation I had caused.

Seraphina muttered a curse under her breath. ‘Where are you now?’

‘With Sheena. In her bed.’

‘Stay right there and don’t move until I arrive. I’ll send a clean-up crew to deal with your mess.’ The line went dead.

Putting my phone on Sheena’s nightstand, I removed my blood-stained t-shirt and settled beside her. After a few restless minutes, I shuffled closer to her sleeping form, wrapping her in my arms and spooning her. She smelled delicious; not like the meal I once took her for, but of sweet jasmine. It was not the first time I had noticed her perfume, but the fragrance had not aroused me so much before. Bloody hell, how can I get so turned on at a time like this? Could it be a post-feeding frenzy thing? Or am I really just aching for this punk kid?

Sheena stirred in my arms, grinding her arse against my swollen dick.

I groaned. Loudly.

Rolling over to face me, her eyes went wide, and her lips slowly curled upward. ‘You’re the guy from the club, right?’

I nodded. ‘Hayden.’

She licked her pierced lips, reminding me of their fruity flavour. ‘I know we kissed, but…’ Running her hands along my bare chest, she frowned when she reached the belt of my pants. ‘Did we fuck? I’m a little fuzzy on the rest of the details.’

My skin tingled under her touch and my erection strained against my tight leather pants to the point of agony. ‘Things didn’t get that far,’ I rasped.

Unbuckling my belt, and unzipping my pants, she slipped her hand inside my boxer shorts. As her hand grabbed my dick, her gaze heated. ‘Why not? I hope you weren’t trying to be a gentleman.’

I snorted. ‘Hardly.’

After squeezing me, she removed her hand and narrowed her eyes. ‘Why can’t I remember anything, Hayden? Did you drug me?’

Forcing air through my dead lungs, I sighed and closed my eyes. ‘No drugs, I promise. But I…’ Snapping my eyes open, I studied her furrowed brow and trembling lips, and my heart almost shattered. ‘I’m sorry Sheena. I didn’t mean to drink so much.’

Her countenance relaxed and she let out a short laugh. ‘Are you saying you got too drunk to perform?’

‘No. I didn’t drink alcohol. But I did get drunk on you.’

She scrunched her face up. ‘I—’

‘I drank too much of your blood, Sheena.’

Her jaw dropped.

‘I’m sorry sweetheart, but damning you was the only way to save your life.’

‘Are you a…vampire? she whispered.


‘Show me!’ she demanded excitedly.

Opening my mouth, I protruded my fangs.

She whistled as she touched my sharp tips. ‘And I’m the same?’

‘Yes. It takes a little practice to control your fangs. At first, you’ll respond instinctively to the smell of fresh blood.’

‘Are we immortal?’ she asked in a hopeful whisper. When I nodded, she sprang at me, pushing me onto the mattress and straddling me. ‘That’s so fucking cool! Thank you, Hayden.’ Before I could reply she attacked my lips with hers in a savage kiss.

Hot blood surged through my veins, reviving my softening flesh with renewed lust. I deepened the kiss until her teeth elongated and she nicked my tongue.

As my own lifeforce trickled into her mouth, she moaned. ‘OMG you taste so nommy!’ Shifting her weight, she shimmied down my body, nipping at one of my pierced nipples and lapping up my blood with her velvet tongue.

My pelvis jerked involuntarily. ‘Oh fuck!’ Every single nerve in my body hummed a sensual melody.

She ceased at the sound of my cussing. ‘Did I hurt you?’

Grinning stupidly, I shook my head. ‘Only in the best way possible. Please continue.’

After feasting on my other nipple, she moved lower again. Tugging at my waistband, she released my dick from its fabric confines. Staring at it, she sucked on her bottom lip and glanced at me with a sly grin. ‘I can’t wait!’ She wrestled with my pants, attempting to remove them. ‘Christ! These things are like a second skin. They look hot as hell, but they’re a bloody pain to remove.’

‘Would you like a hand?’ The tension mounting in my groin was getting painful, giving the situation a sense of urgency.

‘Nope! I got this,’ she insisted. After what felt like several frustrating minutes, she succeeded.

When she stood at the foot of the bed, I noticed the ‘You Suck!’ slogan on her singlet top for the first time and chuckled. Her leather jacket had partially covered it at the club.

She yanked it off, balled it up and tossed it at the overflowing laundry basket in the corner of her room. Unfastening her denim short shorts, she let them drop to the floor and stepped out of them as she climbed back in bed. She still wore a matching cotton lingerie set of pink and black skulls with lace trim.

As she hovered above me, I snapped the band of her panties. ‘As cute as these are, they’re gonna have to go.’

‘Then make them disappear,’ she replied in a husky voice.

Flipping us both and pinning her to the mattress, I ripped the underpants easily and dove head-first between her legs. I paused a second to admire the shiny black gemstones jutting out from above and below her clitoral hood. Flicking them with my tongue evoked an instant response, flooding my senses with her arousal. Tangy juices flowed over my tastebuds as I drank her in; her femoral arteries throbbing within my firm grip. Thrusting two fingers inside her core, I moved my mouth and bit into her thigh.

Letting out a guttural cry, she bucked against me. ‘Fuck that feels so good!’

She still tasted like cherries, but her blood was thicker, richer than before. Feeling dizzy, I stopped and watched in awe as her skin healed instantly. Pumping my fingers faster and pressing my thumb to her sensitive bundle of nerves, I brought her to climax. The sight of her writhing and screaming as she unravelled almost tipped me over the edge. Taking a pause breath, I willed my libido into submission, learning that my lungs were not completely useless.

She held my gaze with hooded lids. ‘Do it, Hayden. Fuck me hard!’

‘You don’t need to ask me twice, sweetheart.’ Lining myself up at Sheena’s opening, I sank deep inside her, grunting once I fully immersed myself in her silky warmth. I moved slowly at first, letting her stretch around me. Arching her back, she dug her nails into my shoulder blades, encouraging me to pick up the pace. The moment I felt her clenching around me, I lost myself in the intensity.

A knock sounded at the door as I collapsed beside Sheena. ‘That was quick,’ Seraphina admonished as she entered the room.

I huffed. ‘How the hell would you know? Were you timing me?’

Seraphina stood above me, scowling. ‘No, you idiot. I’m not talking about that. I was referring to the speed with which you formed a blood bond.’

‘Who the hell are you?’ Sheena asked angrily.

‘The woman who damned me,’ I explained, trailing my fingertips along her arms, bringing goosebumps to the fore.

‘Oh shit!’ Sheena mumbled, drawing the quilt up above her chest.

I fixed my eyes on Seraphina. ‘What’s a blood bond?’

‘A permanent, intimate connection between the damned. It happens through blood sharing and having sex while drinking from each other makes the bond stronger.’

Sheena gasped. ‘Are we like married now or something?’

Seraphina threw a hoodie and pair of trackpants on the bed before picking up my discarded clothes and putting them in a large, black rubbish bag. ‘Nothing so banal. Get up, both of you. You need to get out of here. I’ll explain more in the car.’

Inspecting the clothes, I noticed the university crest on the front of the jacket and gave Seraphina a questioning glance.

‘I figured it would be a helpful disguise,’ she explained.

Nodding, I rose and dressed in the tracksuit. Spotting the full-length mirror across the room, I felt grateful for my lack of reflection because I probably looked ridiculous.

 ‘What’s going on?’ Sheena asked.

‘I take it Hayden forgot to mention the massacre,’ scoffed Seraphina.

The blood drained from Sheena’s face. ‘What massacre?’

My shoulders slumped as I struggled to maintain eye contact with her. ‘I kind of ate your housemates.’

‘You what?’ she shrieked.

I lowered my gaze in sheepish submission. ‘I’m sorry,’ I mumbled. ‘When I came back for you, some brunette bitch tried to jump my bones, so I took advantage of the situation to feed on her. Her blood tasted incredible, making me delirious. Before I realised what I was doing, I’d killed them all.’

‘Oh god! Rochelle!’ Sheena sprang to her feet and crossed the room, heedless of her own nudity.

‘It’s okay,’ I assured her. ‘I didn’t touch your friend. Somehow I knew to stay away from her.’

Sheena slumped onto Rochelle’s bed and studied the blue haired girl. ‘H-how is she still sleeping? We weren’t exactly quiet just now.’

Seraphina approached Rochelle’s bed. ‘I knocked her out, putting her in a mystic coma. She will wake up when I command her to do so.’

Gawking at her, Sheena sat upright. ‘So what, you’re like some uber vamp?’

Laughing drily, Seraphina lifted Rochelle carefully. ‘Get dressed, fledgling. We need to go before the authorities get here.’

‘Can I pack a few things?’ Sheena asked as she changed her bra and stepped into a fresh pair of panties, both classic black lace.

‘No. It will look too suspicious. Wear the same clothes as last night and bring your purse.’ As we all left the room, Seraphina turned to me. ‘Put your hood on, Hayden.’

I obeyed her instruction, cringing at the thought of looking like a real lad. Blimey! Next, I’ll be drinking pints of beer in the pub with my mates and watching football. As soon as I opened the door, the pungent stench of bleach filled my nostrils. We passed several men who wore dark-blue overalls.

‘Who are they?’ asked Sheena.

‘The cleaners,’ Seraphina replied curtly.

I clutched Sheena’s hand in mine, entwining our fingers. ‘Please don’t look at the carnage.’

She fell silent, but kept her eyes facing forward as we walked through the hallway, down the stairs, and out of her house. Reaching the limo, she gaped and stared at Seraphina. ‘So you’re rich too? Figures with that haughty accent ya got.’

Ignoring her, Seraphina slid into the backseat, gently propping Rochelle up against the opposite window. I prompted Sheena to follow. After a moment of hesitation, she complied, sitting across from her friend.

I shuffled in next to my fledgling. ‘Where are we going?’

Seraphina looked at me with a stern expression. ‘My home. It’s the safest place given the circumstances.’

‘What’s going to happen to Rochelle?’ I asked, feeling Sheena tense beside me.

‘I’m not sure. There is no way to hide her from the Duke now.’ Seraphina sighed and glanced out the heavily tinted window. ‘I suppose one of you could enthral her so he can’t. Either that or turn her, but I’m not sure we are ready for another clan member. I’ve got my hands full with the pair of you as it is.’

‘W-what do you mean enthral her?’ Sheena asked.

‘The damned can enslave humans using hypnotic coercion, stripping them of their willpower,’ Seraphina explained. ‘This is what the Duke does to keep witnesses silent, but he doesn’t stop there. He tends to employ them in his household too. Some will work in respectable positions, like Hayden’s friend, while he subjects others to more… demeaning tasks.’

‘OMG!’ Sheena gasped. ‘Is that why you knocked her out? Did Rochelle see…’

‘Yes. I tried to protect her from this world, but Hayden’s bloodbath ruined my plans.’

‘It’s not like I intended to—’

Seraphina lifted her hand to silence me. ‘I know. The whole situation reeks of foul play. It sounds like someone dosed your brunette’s blood. I believe this was a setup, Hayden.’

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