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Laelia Starla is an Australian author who often raided her mother’s shelves for any form of fiction she could get her hands on. Her first love was the horror genre, but she owes her passionate affair with the romance novel to her high-school English teacher, who hooked her on the classics. Given her earlier reading, magical realism and paranormal romance seemed like a natural progression.

Her books include contemporary and paranormal romance with themes of forbidden relationships, complexities of love, romantic suspense, enemies to lovers, second chances, slow-burning chemistry, and polyamory.

When she isn’t writing, Laelia loves reading, playing tabletop and video games, paper crafting, singing, dancing, and watching anime.

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It’s time to put the pieces together and solve the puzzle before the heat gets too hot to handle.

July 21, 2021

L. Starla announces the release of Crystal’s Crucible, third instalment of The Phoebe Braddock Books; a romantic suspense about temptation and destruction, heartbreak and betrayal, love and sacrifice, and greed as a downfall. This book is due to launch August 21, 2021 on Amazon and goes wide on February 19 2022.

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Crystal’s Crucible tells the story of two sisters: Crystal, the shy genius, and Jade, the bold party girl. When Crystal starts her new job in a pharmaceutical company, things start looking up for her until she stumbles across a corporate conspiracy that  threatens her life. Meanwhile, Jade finds more than she bargained for when she meets the new dealer at her favourite nightclub. And both sisters are tempted by forbidden love.

Fans of Nora Roberts or Rina Kent will enjoy reading this dark romantic suspense.

Features: L. Starla has created a unique story interweaving corporate espionage and office romance in a twisted tale of temptation and puzzles. Rich metaphors, steamy rendezvous, and dark intrigue will keep readers turning the page and wanting to solve the mystery along with Crystal.

Contact: Email L. Starla to find out more or request a review copy.

Publication date: August 21, 2021; Self-published; Distributors: Ingram Spark & Amazon; Price: $4.05 AUD

Retailers: Amazon Universal Link

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I Heart Mr. Collins

I Heart Mr. Collins: Phoebe Braddock’s Love Story
(Phoebe Braddock Books #1)

Compelling, exhilarating and arousing


“Starla successfully maintains the delicate balance of offering romance and eroticism with a compelling story. While Phoebe’s diary discusses deeply sensual and erotic experiences, it never delves into outwardly explicit details of her encounters. Within these experiences Starla consequently offers titillating scenarios to which the reader can play out in full within their own imagination.” — Amazon AU Customer

Highly recommend!!!


“From the beginning to the end, so much happened and I could have never imagined the direction the story would take. I loved the way this author pulled all the drama, romance and at times pain and suspense together to tell a beautiful and exciting story with a perfect HEA.” — Amazon US Customer

I Heart Mr. Collins is the story of Phoebe Braddock’s forbidden love with her high school English teacher. What started as a crush escalates to heated passion. They thought it was safe to pursue a relationship: She was a consenting adult; he was leaving the school. They thought wrong. When his teaching transfer falls through, Mr. Collins returns to a position of authority over Phoebe, forcing him to choose between his career and reputation, or the promise of an exciting new love.

Phoebe tells her story by reflecting on a series of diary entries at the start of each chapter. Through this journaling, she reveals her exploration of sexuality and inner desires without resorting to explicit descriptions. As her relationships develop, she becomes more adventurous, taking risks that are outright dangerous at times.

This YA contemporary romance explores themes of taboo relationships, sexual awakenings, polyamory, and coming of age.

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From Prying Eyes

From Prying Eyes: A Phoebe Braddock Romance
(Phoebe Braddock Books #2)



“What an amazing author! This book is excellent. Lots of great imagery and heat. L. Starla is a very skilled writer who excels at investing you into the story and developing the characters. Highly recommend.”
— Author Jennifer Hartmann (Amazon Bestseller)

Loved the innocence between the characters


“The author got straight into the story with just the first chapter, and I was caught off guard but in a good way! This book is romantic, and sweet and the relationship in it really pushes all the boundaries! I only read books like this if they are well written, and the author did an amazing job. The innocence between characters is wooow. I look forward to reading more from this author.” — Author Empress Chang

From Prying Eyes tells the taboo love story of twin siblings Sophie and Stefan.

Sophie Pacini is a good girl. Hard working, principled, loyal to her friends and family, and a devout Catholic. During her first year of university, she undergoes a transformation from shy tomboy into an attractive woman who starts exploring her sexuality; a change that achieves its intended goals. Derrick, the hot Venetian neighbour she has wanted for years, finally sees her as more than his geeky friend.

Complications arise, however, when Sophie discovers Derrick is not who she really wants. Through her journey of self-discovery, she learns that her heart belongs to a man she cannot have. A man who knows her better than anyone and loves her in the same inappropriate way. He is literally the man of her dreams and he is her twin brother.
Upon discovering their mutual feelings, the Pacini twins face all manner of challenges, from other relationship prospects and crises of faith to cultural intolerance and family feuds. Then there is the biggest hurdle of all: the law. For each barrier they overcome, another presents itself. For Sophie, it all starts when a mysterious stranger visits her dreams, making love to her in the dark.

This NA contemporary romance explores themes like challenging conservative ideals and taboos, freedom of sexual expression, and overcoming barriers to love.

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Winter's Maiden 1 (Winter's Magic #1)

Absolutely love the chemistry and the character development.


“I legitimately finished this book in less than two days; not because it was short but because it was THAT GOOD!”

— Author Amanda Mashburn

I loved this story!


“This story was absolutely awesome! It took my emotions on a never ending roller coaster. I was sad, happy, excited, and swooning the whole time I was reading this book. It was a great story and I actually really liked the characters, most of the time. I got drawn into the story and really did not want it to end. This is the first book by Laelia Starla that I have read and I will definitely be on the lookout for more. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends. Such a good read!”

— Amazon US Customer

Winter’s Maiden 1 tells the story of a young woman discovering her mystical heritage,   uncovering the secrets of the magic world, and learning to use her new powers to fight the monsters seeking to destroy her soul.

While the precocious heroine embraces her magical destiny, she also navigates the twisted paths of love and intimacy. With three hot guys vying for her attention, Alannah has a choice to make: Mr. Tall, dark, and mysterious; her childhood crush; or the fun and flirtatious best friend.

This is the first part in the Winter’s Magic series; a modern fantasy and paranormal romance about secrets, mysticism, empowerment, and the complexities of love.

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