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Press Release

Come explore the underbelly of the magic world, if you dare.

September 17, 2021​

L. Starla announces the release of Winter’s Maiden 2, second instalment of the Winter’s Magic series. This book is due to launch November 20, 2021.

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Five Stars

“Forbidden romances, slow burn chemistry and suspenseful twists and turns I never saw coming.
I was totally hooked from the first page and loved seeing how each character grew from the choices they made to find their happiness. Its by far not the smoothest of romances for all but L. Starla knows how to push the limits and write unpredictable romances, giving her characters the HEA that’s perfect for them.”

— Goodreads Reviewer

Five Stars

“What a great read! Lots of action, twists and turns, an emotional roller-coaster ride wrapped up in some serious chemistry and steam. The plot kept me guessing. I was struck by the way the author developed and explored the conflicting and often confusing situations that we face so realistically.”

— Amazon AU Customer

Five Stars

“I legitimately finished this book in less than two days; not because it was short but because it was THAT GOOD! I absolutely love the chemistry and the character development. There’s so much that happens and with each chapter I grew to love the characters so much I’d find myself yelling at them when they do something I felt was stupid! She made them real and relatable to the point where even me as a reader could be angry with them while still getting why they did what they did. “

— Author Amanda Mashburn

Five Stars

“The PNR, taboo chemistry and suspense added so much more to this YA romance!

So much never came easy for Alannah but with everything she went through, I liked that she remained true to herself and those she considered friends.
Trying to figure out who was friend or foe added so much more suspense as Alannah became the obsession of more than just Liam and Brendan in a world she never knew existed.
I loved the steamy chemistry between multiple characters and the way this first book gave a HEA to some yet left others feelings unresolved, making me curious to see what will happen in the future.”

— Goodreads Reviewer

Five Stars

“It’s insane how much I loved this story. I pretty much devoured it! What an incredible story! I’m not gonna lie there were some parts a little bit slow but so far it was epic.

This is the kind of story that nothing is what it seems and you must be prepare for it. When Alannah arrived to Gaeilge Shores soon nothing was as she expected. Trapped between what she used to know and what she’s discovering mix with love and desire it was a hot and intense ride! With a little tab** between Liam and Brendan (I’m still figuring out which team I am but is really hard!) Plus Austin! Things were complicated but love tend to be like right? And if you add desire mix with magic? A mix ready to blow up! Trust me, it’s so worth!!!

Soon the journey of self-discover and secrets start with magic, mystery and lies yet the story is far from over and I cant wait to see how thing will continue! If you like paranormal stories with love and secrets this story is for you. Highly recommended!”

— Amazon MX Customer

Five Stars

“What an amazing author! This book is excellent. Lots of great imagery and heat. L. Starla is a very skilled writer who excels at investing you into the story and developing the characters. Highly recommend.”

— Author Jennifer Hartmann (Amazon Bestseller)

Five Stars

“The author got straight into the story with just the first chapter and I was caught off guard but in a good way! This book is romantic, and sweet and the relationship in it really pushes all the boundaries! I only read books like this if they are well written and the author did an amazing job. The innocence between characters is wooow. I look forward to reading more from this author.”

— Author Empress Chang

Five Stars

“Through the eyes of Phoebe Braddock (a young adult exploring and testing the limits of her sexuality), Starla explores both taboo relationships and the complex yet exhilarating world of polyamory.

Starla successfully maintains the delicate balance of offering romance and eroticism with a compelling story. While Phoebe’s diary discusses deeply sensual and erotic experiences, it never delves into outwardly explicit details of her encounters. Within these experiences Starla consequently offers titillating scenarios to which the reader can play out in full within their own imagination.

The story feels grounded with realistic dialogue and believable experiences; offering fantasies that never appear too far-fetched. Overall, this is an excellent beginning to what will surely be an a highly exhilarating and arousing series.”

— Amazon AU Customer

Five Stars

“This is not your typical story of a forbidden romance in the heat of the moment.
Its a story of long awaited passion and having the confidence to explore ones sexuality and desires.
And yes, Phoebe and Jonah’s relationship was taboo because they met as student and teacher however they were both consenting adults who genuinely cared for each other and wanted a future together.

As the story progressed I wanted them to make it work and overcome the judgement and opinions of others when their relationship was revealed. It didn’t shy away from the reactions of others, while some were supportive, others were far from it and there were repercussions that they had to deal with. But throughout it all their genuine love for each other remained true.

You learn so much about Phoebe as she shares her life experiences as she becomes an adult, from exploring her inner erotic desires and intimate relationships, taking risks that were suspenseful and at time dangerous and learning to cope after trauma and loss.
You see her mature and grow to become an amazing self-confident and loving person.

From the beginning to the end, so much happened and I could have never imagined the direction the story would take. I loved the way this author pulled all the drama, romance and at times pain and suspense together to tell a beautiful and exciting story with a perfect HEA.”

— Amazon US Customer

About Laelia Starla

Laelia Starla is an Australian author who often raided her mother’s shelves for any form of fiction she could get her hands on. Her first love was the horror genre, but she owes her love affair with the romance novel to her high-school English teacher, who started her on the classics. Given her earlier reading, magical realism and paranormal romance were a natural progression. Along with steamy romance, these are the genres she writes.