Frequently Asked Questions

I absolutely love watching my characters come to life and take over the story writing process.

Edit! Edit! Edit! I have come across a lot of self-published novels that have great stories, but they are full of grammatical errors and typos which detract from the reading experience. I suggest self editing your books a few times with a bit of time between each review. If you have any family members or friends that are good at proof reading, I suggest asking them for help too (and giving them a free copy of your book once published)

I generally avoid writer’s block by plotting out the key scenes of my story in advance. On the odd occasion when it does strike, I get up and do something else, returning to the page feeling refreshed.

Inspiration comes from all around me. Sometime I dream up my ideas, as was the case for my first ever novel. Other times, I feel inspired by reading the works of other authors, or watching television shows.