About Laelia Starla

L. Starla's Story

Laelia Starla is an Australian author who was often found raiding her mother’s shelves for any form of fiction she could get her hands on.  Her first love was the horror genre, but she owes her passionate affair with the romance novel to her high-school English teacher, who got her hooked on the classics. Given her earlier reading, magical realism and paranormal romance seemed like a natural progression.

Her books include contemporary and paranormal romance with themes of forbidden relationships, complexities of love, romantic suspense, enemies to lovers, second chances, slow-burning chemistry, and polyamory.

I Heart Mr. Collins (2019) was the first book Starla ever published. It came to her as a series of dreams during her attempt at a second university degree (in Accounting of all things). As soon as the semester ended, she spent the break trying her hand at writing fiction. The result surprised both herself and her husband, who has since become one of her editors.

The inspiration for From Prying Eyes (2020) hit Starla during the drafting of her first novel when she thought, ‘What if I write the book that Phoebe wrote?’ So she did. By the time she was well into writing this second book, she decided that she’d much rather pursue a career as a writer rather than become an accountant.

Starla has started writing a magical realism/paranormal romance series Winter’s Magic. The first of these books launches in 2021, along with the third Phoebe Braddock Book, Crystal’s Crucible.

She loves spending her spare time playing tabletop and video games, paper crafting, singing, dancing, and watching anime.

Her favourite games include all things Elder Scrolls, Witcher 3, and anything set in the H.P. Lovecraft universe. Starla also love running role-playing campaigns and one-shots using the Chronicles of Darkness system.

The authors that have influenced L. Starla’s work include:

  • Anne Rice
  • Cassandra Clare
  • Tiffany Reisz
  • Siobhan Davis