“The Future Bride” Book Review

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Title: The Future Bride
Author: J.G. MacLeod
Publication Date:  October 5th 2019
Genres:  Romantic comedy, historical romance, science fiction (time travel)
Source: Kindle Unlimited

Heat Gauge: 1/5 chaste curtsies.

In keeping with the medieval setting, the interactions between the main characters are quite proper.


Brigid MacDonald is a redheaded orphan who grew up unaware of her natural beauty thanks to a lifetime of bullying. So, when she enters the storeroom at work and finds herself transported back to medieval Scotland, her situation is not the only shock to her system. Her beauty is coveted by the strange men that she meets on her journey, starting with the infamous Tristan who has claimed her as his bride.


After escaping this wedding that she did not consent to, she meets Ferghus, a grumpy Scotsman with attitude to spare. Despite their rough start, he agrees to help her escape Tristan’s clutches and find her a safe place. Problem is, they have very different ideas of what her safety will entail.


This was a delightful story that had me hooked from page one. MacLeod’s writing style is wonderful, especially the way she depicted the characters and their accents. She also brought the Scottish countryside to life, completely immersing me in her world. And the tension that built within the plot and between the characters was captivating. It was hard to find any faults to pick, although I was left with a few questions when the book ended, the biggest one being: is there going to be a sequel? I’m not sure if she has one planned, but I hope so!


The Future Bride is a hilarious and heart-warming historical romance with a twist. I highly recommend to all romance readers.

About the Author

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J.G. MacLeod is an Amazon best-selling author based in Canada.  In addition to being a writer, she is a teacher with degrees in English, History, and Education.


Website: https://www.jgmacleod.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jgmacleodauthor

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/18199545