October Update

As soon as the photos finished copying onto my computer, I opened them and smiled. Memories of my long weekend camping trip came flooding back. Clicking through the slideshow, I paused on an image of Mount Schank, thinking: I can’t wait to transport my readers to this sight in Winter’s Mother 1.

Winter's Maiden 1 Cover Reveal Coming Soon

My next book release, Winter’s Maiden 1, is due to launch in May 2021. Keep an eye on my social media channels for the cover reveal next month.

Excerpt from Chapter One

She was rifling through a pile of musty papers that contained crests and pedigree diagrams. When she put them aside, she found a large ornate trunk made from polished wood, with brass filigree designs embellishing the corners of the lid. It appeared to be locked by a series of brass medallions shaped in Celtic knots, each with a moonstone in the middle. When she attempted to unfasten the clasps, they did not budge.

There must be a trick to this. After studying the box for some time, she was entranced by the knotwork, her eyes following the intricate patterns. Almost without thinking, she ran a finger beneath the central fastening and drew it back with a start when she pricked herself. A small drop of blood fell upon the moonstone adorning it and she heard the catch mechanism release. When she tried each of the other closures with her bloodied finger, they opened. ‘How strange. They must be in a state of disrepair. Simply needed a bit more work to open.’

Alannah gasped as she lifted the lid, discovering several tarnished, silver trinkets, including a small dagger, a carved wooden stick, a mirror, and a chalice. There were also various crystals and gems. One item caught her attention: a book bound in black leather and embossed with a silver symbol depicting two crescent moons either side of a circular design.

Before she had much time to investigate further, she heard Dad calling her, so she tucked the book and the family history papers in her bag, closed the box and ran downstairs.


From Prying Eyes is Now Available

Is the true expression of love really a sin?

Haunted by visions of a mysterious stranger making love to her in the dark, Sophie is torn between affections for the guy she’s had a crush on for years and strong yearnings for the man of her dreams. And she can’t shake the feeling that there is something familiar about her fantasy lover.

Then one fateful night, her dreams come to life at the debutante ball where Sophie is swept off her feet for several blissful minutes. But when the masks come off, she is forced to accept the shocking truth: her enigmatic lover is no stranger.

Does she deny her deepest desires or pursue a forbidden passion?

Note: This is a spiritual successor to “I Heart Mr. Collins” such that it is the first book written by the protagonist of that story. There are not any characters in common and it can be read as a standalone.

Warning: this book contains incest (consensual), explicit scenes, and coarse language that may offend or upset some readers.

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