Guest Blog Post: March 2024 

Hope So…

A four letter word that holds my heart,
A positive vibe that never walks apart:
With beauty of words and purity of a kind,
I hold on to hope,no matter what strikes my mind.
In moments of happiness or despair,
It’s hope that does the entire repair;
The path to success may seem far,
But with hope you’ll find every door ajar.
Nothing can stop you from being the best,
You just need to hold on to your efforts and beat the rest;
Every moment has a message to convey,
You may not have a happier everyday.
Remember to smile and let your worries go away,
Because it’s the present the stands to meet the reality today…

About the author

Jennifer Ali, known as Jenny Writes,🖋️🖋️🖋️professionally being a teacher, holds a passion for writing that has been her identity over recent times.

Her love for books that began in her school days had gone far and wide, leading her to grab the pen and ink her emotions in the most genuine and appealing manner.

From love stories to poetry, each genre holds a special place in her heart,giving her a vibrant mindset with the magic of expression via the means of words.

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