The Dark Matter Between Our Hearts Season 2, Episode 15

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Season 2, Episode 15


As her nerves settled like dust on a desert highway, Danika’s gaze focussed on Malik while her thoughts turned to the possibilities that opportunity provided.

‘Not the intimate rendezvous I’d hoped for tonight.’ Malik spoke with an air of macho bravado, but his eyes stripped away her defences and penetrated her soul, leaving tingles on her flesh and an ache between her legs.

When the banter and chuckles subsided, she straightened her posture. ‘Brennan, Grayson, thank you both for your help, but it’s time for you to go.’ She pointed toward the front door. ‘Mum, please keep an eye open for Dad or Hayden.’ Without further ado, she grabbed Malik’s hand and beelined for the craft room, slamming the door by shoving his delicious body up against it. ‘I can’t wait a second longer for you to rip me apart.’

Malik’s eyes burned in the dim stairwell, setting the space aglow with his lust. ‘Far be it from me to keep a lady waiting.’ After yanking the hem of her skirt up to her hips, his hand clamped onto her bare backside. ‘Hold on,’ he growled, sending hot shivers from head to toe. The moment she embraced him, he hoisted her up around his waist and carried her down the steps. ‘There’s something I’ve been dying to know.’

‘Mm?’ she queried through her growing brain fog.

His mouth brushed against her ear. ‘What do your other lips taste like?’ Plonking her on the couch, he dropped to his knees and pried her thighs apart with ease. ‘I love how eager you are to give yourself over to me.’

Desire pooled in her core, drenching the scrap of fabric that covered it.

‘Promise me something, princess. After I fuck you into tomorrow, you’ll be mine, and you won’t ever give yourself to that arsehole who stole you from me ever again.’

The furnace fuelling her lust began to cool. ‘I assure you that I’ll never let Hayden touch me again, but I won’t belong to you either, Malik. No man will ever own me like a possession, so put that caveman attitude away and hurry up and make me come already.’

A grin spread from one side of his face to the other. ‘Christ, princess! You look so fucking sexy when you mount your high horse. I’m going to relish making you fall.’ He emphasised the last word by pressing his thumb against her clit.

The triple meaning washed over her in a wave of pleasure, stoking the fires of passion. Throwing her head back, she let a guttural noise slip from her throat. Little does he know; I fell for him hard long ago. When Malik fell silent and removed his hand from her bundle of nerves, she returned her gaze to him.

He was focussing his attention on her throbbing pussy. Tugging her black, lace G-string down her legs, he tucked them into the pocket of his jeans with a smirk. ‘I hope you weren’t planning on keeping those.’

‘They are one of my favourites,’ she mused, ‘but at least I know they’re going to a good home.’

Planting his face against her mound, he chuckled, the reverberation sending carnal jolts through her entire body. When his tongue flicked her sensitive spot, she gasped. ‘So responsive.’ She barely had time to register his muffled comment before he invaded her with slick velvet.

‘Please sir, may I come yet?’ Without thinking, she had let the words slip out.

He jerked back and stared at her a moment, then comprehension dawned, and a smile graced his lips. ‘Does Brenno normally edge you?’

She nodded, feeling her cheeks flush.

‘Do you like it when he controls your orgasms?’

Again, she nodded.

‘Is that what you want with me?’

Once more, she nodded.

‘Then don’t you dare come until I say so, you understand?’

‘Yes, sir.’

Sucking in a breath, he plunged his mouth between her folds, feasting on her like a starved man.

Holding back proved far more challenging than she had expected; anticipation and Malik’s skill proving a heady mix. When someone burst through the door seconds later, she almost thanked their intruder for the interruption, but then her eyes locked with Brennan’s and the intensity doubled. Malik did not let up, if anything his assault on her sanity ramped up, all while her other lover assumed a comfortable seat across the room and proceeded to watch the show.

Just as she was about to lose it, Malik’s filthy words filtered through her haze, ‘Come for me, princess. Coat my tongue in your sweet juices.’

She exploded, her entire being convulsing as she shattered around him.

Licking his fingers, then his lips, he grinned at her. ‘Exquisite.’ His expression sobered. ‘What the fuck do you want, Lamey?’ he asked without turning to face Brennan.

‘How’d you know it was me?’ Brennan queried.

With a sigh, Malik trailed his fingers along her thighs, maintaining eye contact with her as he responded to Brennan. ‘Danni’s reaction told me all I needed to know. I sensed the intrusion as soon she tensed up, but her instant relief told me you weren’t a threat, and her amplified arousal gave you away.’

‘I could have been Grayson,’ Brennan suggested.

Malik let out a short laugh. ‘Grayson is too much the gentleman to linger there without announcing himself. Unlike you, he’s unlikely to choose voyeurism over propriety.’

‘Fair point.’ Brennan shrugged, offering Danika a wink when she glanced at him. ‘I guess we’re even now, huh?’

‘Not even close.’ Malik retrieved a condom from his pocket, dropping it in Danika’s hands before unbuckling his belt.

She sucked in a breath and ripped the wrapper open. This is really happening. Malik’s going to fuck me with Brennan watching. The exhilaration surged through her like electricity. 

Dropping his jeans and boxer shorts to his ankles, Malik released his thick cock. The caramel skin glistened, making her mouth water. Reaching out, he plucked the rubber from her fingers and slid it over his divine dick. Her inner walls throbbed expectantly. Sitting on the couch beside her, he patted his thighs. ‘Climb aboard, princess, and hold on tight. This might not be your first rodeo, but it will be your best.’

Gripping his shoulders like her life depended on it, she lowered herself onto him. The moment he entered her, Malik groaned. He gave her a second to adjust before bucking his hips like a wild bull.

‘Oh fuck,’ she cried, erupting with pleasure.

‘I didn’t say you could come, princess,’ he growled in the gruffest, sexiest voice she had ever heard. ‘Do you want me to stop?’

‘God no! Please—’

‘Then wait until I give you permission.’ He slammed into her again and she clenched her jaw to suppress the climax. As they settled into a regular rhythm, he whispered, ‘Is Brenno still watching?’

Peering over Malik’s shoulder she spied Brennan behind the sofa on a gas-lift chair, his right hand firmly clasped around his cock. ‘Yes,’ she rasped.

‘Good. I want him to know what it feels like to see another man fucking Moonlake’s prettiest princess.’

She moaned at the sight of Brennan jacking-off. ‘Somehow, I don’t think he minds.’

‘Oh, he minds,’ Malik asserted. ‘He’s just letting his inner perve take the reins for the time-being, aren’t you, Lamey?’

‘Shut up, and make her come already, douchebag,’ Brennan retorted.

Humour rumbled through Malik’s belly and up to his chest, reminding her that he still wore a t-shirt. Finding the hem, she slid it up and over his head, revealing the taut muscles she had drooled over on her first day back in town. And fantasised about ever since.

‘Good thinking, princess.’ He removed her blouse, one painstaking button at a time, then freed her breasts from her bra. Cupping them in his large hands, he squeezed hard, almost tipping her over the edge as he added pain to the intoxicating cocktail. ‘Come freely.’

Her body reacted even before her brain registered his words. As she opened her mouth, he swallowed her scream with a soul shattering kiss that left her dizzy. When he let her breathe again, she gaped at him.

‘Now it’s my turn.’ Driving into her from below, he let himself go, giving her a glimpse of the man behind the mask, of his most vulnerable side. 

She smiled, knowing he had given her the most precious gift of all: his trust. With that thought in mind, she fell freely into the abyss, believing he would catch her.


No sooner had Danika absconded with Malik, than Brennan’s phone rang. Glimpsing Hayden’s name on the caller ID, he cursed under his breath. ‘The man’s timing is uncanny.’ He held the phone up for Estelle and Grayson to see.

‘You should probably answer it,’ Estelle advised. ‘And play it cool.’

Nodding, he answered, ‘Officer Lamey speaking.’

‘Hey man, a little birdie told me you’re in Danni’s neighbourhood.’

The tracking device came to mind. Little birdie indeed. ‘Yeah, I am. Why, what’s up?’

‘A trusted friend told me that Moonlake Grammar’s newest P.E. teacher is visiting my woman tonight. I want you to check in on them and if that weasel is so much as touching her, put a bullet between his eyes. You hear me?’

‘Fuck, dude! You really want me to commit murder over a minor indiscretion?’

‘Oh, I’m sure you can make it look like self-defence.’ Hayden paused a moment before adding, ‘Tell you what, I’ll sweeten the deal. If Marshall’s mitts aren’t pawing my angel, you can borrow her for the night. Make sure she doesn’t feel tempted to stray and all that.’

‘Yeah, okay. I’ll pay Danni a visit.’

‘Good man. Keep me posted. Oh, and Brennan… I’ll be watching the live camera feed from her bedroom, so don’t you dare disappoint me.’

The blood froze in his veins at the thought of Hayden invading Danni’s privacy. He knew she was smart enough to avoid playing with Malik in areas that might be bugged, but did she realise her fiancé was spying on her while she slept, or while she… touched herself? ‘Of course. Catch you later, mate.’ Disconnecting the call, he cussed loudly, ‘That fucking creep!’

‘What’s going on?’ Grayson asked with a wavering voice.

‘Hayden’s on the warpath, so you’d better get the hell out of Dodge. I’m gonna go rescue Malik’s arse before it’s reamed with razor wire, and Estelle’s gonna perform her hacker magic on the surveillance footage.’ Bursting through the basement door, he stopped short at the foot of the stairs, marvelling at the beauty of Danni in the throes of ecstasy. Fuck me, she’s stunning.

Her eyes found his amidst her sex-filled daze and her inner fire burned all the brighter at the sight of him. His heart leapt into his throat, and he swallowed against the lump. Making himself comfortable in a gas-lift chair, he settled in for the show. A part of him hated the fact that Malik was the one making her feel like the goddess she was. I should be the one worshipping her sweet pussy. Pushing those negative thoughts aside, he revelled in the secret moment he shared with her, palming his erection as she fell apart at Malik’s command.

When they switched positions, he moved his chair behind the couch for a better view of Danika as she rode Malik like a rodeo bull.

‘Is Brenno still watching?’ Malik asked in a voice like gravel.

Danika locked eyes with him over Malik’s shoulder a moment before her gaze lowered to his cock. ‘Yes,’ she rasped.

‘Good. I want him to know what it feels like to see another man fucking Moonlake’s prettiest princess.’

Slowly stroking himself, he let her see just how turned on he was.

A cute little moan slipped through her lips. ‘Somehow, I don’t think he minds.’

‘Oh, he minds.’ Malik’s voice like ice water over the flames. ‘He’s just letting his inner perve take the reins for the time-being, aren’t you, Lamey?’

‘Shut up, and make her come already, douchebag,’ he threw back, impatient for his own release, but holding off until Danni got hers. Thankfully, they didn’t keep him waiting long. After making a mess of himself, he searched the craft supplies for something to clean up with. Baby wipes? How the fuck are these useful for crafting? With a shrug, he grabbed a bunch and tossed the dirty ones in a nearby bin. Turning back to the mostly naked couple on the couch, he found them sharing an intimate moment more personal than sex. They better not be about to confess their love for each other right in front of me. ‘We have a situation.’ He felt like a dick for the interruption, but his own heart couldn’t bear the fallout.

They both glared at him. ‘Damn right we do,’ Malik sneered. ‘Why the fuck are you still here?’

‘Because, dumbass, Hayden strongly suspects that Danni isn’t alone tonight. I’ve been given orders to either kill the man who’s fucking her or be the man who’s fucking her. I’ll let you guys decide what it’s gonna be.’ Malik wasn’t exactly the suspect that Hayden had in mind, but he was the one doing what Grayson had been accused of, so the who mattered little at this point.

Danika paled while Malik turned red. 

‘Are you fucking kidding me right now?’ Malik seethed.

‘Do I look like I’m kidding?’

‘W-would you really kill him?’ Danika asked, voice trembling.

Shaking his head, he softened his tone. ‘Of course not. It’s just that, if I don’t deliver Malik or Grayson’s head to Hayden on a silver platter tonight, he will expect me to have my way with you. If I don’t do that, my cover is as good as blown. We need to be smart when playing his game. That said, I’m not going to force myself on you, Danni. This has to be your choice. So, what’s it gonna be? Spend the rest of the night with me, or throw me to the wolves and risk our whole operation?’

‘What if we just spoon in my bed for the night?’ she suggested, breaking his heart a little more in the process.

Squeezing his eyes shut to hold the tears at bay, he sighed. ‘Won’t work, I’m afraid. Hayden planted a live surveillance camera in your bedroom.’

Motherfucker!’ Malik bellowed. ‘That drink-spiking deviant is a dead man.’ Pulling his jeans back on, he stormed toward the door.

Jumping to her feet, Danika ran after him in her naked glory and grabbed his arm. ‘Don’t be a brash idiot! Starting a fight with Hayden right now is suicide.’

‘Danni’s right. Hayden has surrounded himself with blood-thirsty goons.’ Brennan added. ‘You’ll be dead before you catch a glimpse of him.’

Embracing Malik, Danika rose on tiptoes and kissed his mouth. ‘I’m sorry,’ she whispered loud enough for him to hear. ‘Come see me again tomorrow night and I’ll make it up to you.’

Breaking away from her, Malik hurried out the door, slamming it in his wake.

Danika flew into Brennan’s arms, breaking down in tears.

‘I’m sorry, Danni. I wish there was another way.’

She shook her head and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. ‘It’s not your fault. And honestly, I’m quite excited to spend the night with you. It’s just… you know Malik and… what we have is new and fragile.’

He nodded his understanding. ‘I know you’d rather protect him from the ugly truth, but hiding what we do will only end in disaster. Hayden is determined to rub as much salt in Malik’s wounds as possible.’

Exhaling with resignation, she forced a smile. ‘I know. Now make me forget all this mess for the rest of the night.’

‘Yes, ma’am.’

Season 2, Episode 16 is coming 13th October 2023.

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