September 2023 Update 

It’s finally here! Winter’s Mother 2 is ready for Beta Reading.

We’re thrilled to announce that the much-awaited sequel, Winter’s Mother 2, is finally ready for its next exciting phase: beta reading! This is your chance to be among the first to experience the continuation of Winter’s journey and provide valuable feedback before the final release.
What’s Beta Reading?
As a Beta, you’ll need to read my manuscript with a critical eye and provide feedback on as many of the following as possible (and at least answer the first question):
  • Did you like the book overall? If not, why?
  • What star rating would you give the story (out of 5)?
  • Did I give you a good sense of the setting?
  • What parts did you dislike, and why?
  • Are there any plot holes?
  • Do my characters (primary and secondary) feel real? Which of them need more work?
  • Grammar and punctuation (if this is a strong suit of yours, no biggie if not).
  • Highlighting typos and filler words if you notice any.

Why Participate in Beta Reading?

  • Exclusive Access: As a beta reader, you get to read the book before anyone else. You’ll be the first to uncover the secrets and twists that Winter’s Mother 2 has in store.
  • Influence the Story: Your feedback matters! Your insights could contribute to refining the plot, enhancing character dynamics, and ultimately shaping the final version of the book.
  • Direct Engagement with the Author: This is a unique opportunity to interact with the author directly. You can ask questions, share your thoughts, and gain a deeper understanding of the creative process.
If you are interested, please sign up to my Street Team as a Beta Reader.  The application window is open until September 30th, so be sure to sign up before this deadline.
Happy Reading!!!

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