February 2023 Author Life

February 2023 Author Life

Birthday Celebration

Yuppy, its my Birthday.

I am celebrating my 40th birthday this year on February 11 (well, it was two years ago, due to COVID 19, and we could not have any celebrations). I threw a music theme party based on my own band, Child Roses, which was inspired by Portishead.

All the original band members, including me and my husband, played. It was so nostalgic.

All my family, friends, and loved ones were there to celebrate the special day with me. After two years, I was celebrating my birthday; it was special, to say the least. There were songs, music, laughter, food, wine, and lots of dancing.

This birthday party was a dream come true for me, and I worked really hard to make this event a success.

I hope that the coming year brings me all of the success I have worked for and that all of my loved ones are happy and healthy. 

Some glimpses from the Birthday Party…

(Click on the images to zoom).

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