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Sugar and Spice (A Doms in Uniform)

Author – Karen Nappa

Sitting on one of the barstools at Thorns & Roses, Daphne Tremaine-Spencer watched her Daddy and husband fixing her hair in the mirrored back panel. She loved him, loved being with him, and together they sank deep into their Daddy Dom/little girl (DD/lg) dynamic at their favorite Seattle BDSM club.

Dressed in a white tank top and overall shorts, she found it difficult not to bounce off her seat while Cole worked on one of her pigtail braids. She tried to focus on the cute little unicorns and sweet rainbows on the overall fabric and not to worry about how high on her thighs the hem ended.

“I can’t wait to play in the nursery, today.” She wiggled her butt like she was an elated puppy dog.

Cole rumbled the low laugh she liked so much. “You know, you almost ruined it with your prank this morning.”

“Did not.” She craned her neck to stick the tip of her tongue out at him, received a reprimanding tug on her hair, and with a resigned pout she faced forward again.

“Good little girls don’t tease their Daddies,” he reminded her.

His words fell on deaf ears when she noticed the pink elastic hair tie with a cute unicorn figure he used to keep the braid from unraveling.

“It matches my coverall.” She wiggled and tried to give him a hug.

“Hold on, baby girl, I have to do the other side.”

Her shoulders slumped and she sighed.

After what seemed like another hour, but was only ten minutes, Cole finally rested his hands on her shoulders and whispered, “I have a surprise for you.”

She turned and clapped her hands. “What kind of surprise? I wanna know, I wanna know.”

“Daddy Eli and I decided our baby girls could have some play time together.”

Her grin stretched the corners of her mouth and her eyes widened. “Maribel is here?”

With a big smile, Cole gripped her around her waist and lifted Daphne from the barstool. “She is, and she’s playing in the nursery already.”

“What are we waiting for?” Daphne slipped her hand in Cole’s fingers and tugged.

Cole chuckled but obligingly allowed her to pull him with her. With a bounce in her step, Daphne rushed past the staircase that would lead to the dungeon. Occasionally, she enjoyed descending into the grittier world of BDSM. Not because she was much into pain and domination, but mostly because submitting to whatever Cole wanted from her – within the limits of their mutual consent, of course – made her submission to him deeper, and she loved the profound connection.

However, her most favorite room was the nursery, a real nirvana for the littles and Bigs in this club. When they entered, Maribel was sitting alone in a pile of stuffies with a bear almost as large as Daphne cradled in her arms.

The expression on Maribel’s face was one of utter despair, but her eyes lit up when she spotted Daphne and Cole. “Yay, you came!”

Daphne let go of Cole’s hand, and she tried to exchange a hug with her friend, which was sorely hampered by the huge bear.

Cole closed the door behind him and asked, “Where’s your Daddy, little one?”

“He had to take care of some club business,” Maribel responded. Her face spoke volumes about her opinion of Eli’s absence.

“Okay, well how about I sit here while you play, and we wait for Eli to return?” Cole settled in the big rocking chair and pulled out his phone. His English Rose and Maribel came up with the craziest stuff, but inside the nursery the Littles couldn’t get into too much trouble. For about fifteen minutes they both colored peacefully, although Cole had to intervene when they both wanted to use the same colored pencil at the same time. Little brats!

Five minutes later, Daphne declared she was done, and she settled in the corner with an animal picture book, while Maribel continued with her drawing. Every so often, the woman stopped to stare over her shoulder at the door, and she let out a happy squeal when the tattooed and muscled owner of Thorns & Roses entered the nursery.

Without missing a beat, Eli caught Maribel as the brunette propelled herself from the floor and into his arms with surprising speed. “Missed me, huh?” Eli claimed his woman’s lips in a long X-rated kiss and walked them further into the room.

Dressed in black leather the club owner looked more like a biker than the businessman he was. Cole frowned. “You have something on your back.” He rose from the rocking chair and removed the sticky note from Eli’s leather jacket.

“What is it?”

Cole showed Eli the note that proclaimed, “If you can read this, kick me.”

They both turned to Maribel, who suddenly focused intensely on her shoelaces. “Baby girl, don’t you think a fake pregnancy test this morning was enough for one day?” Eli asked, his voice dripping with disapproval.

A fake what? “And I thought Daphne replacing the sugar with salt at breakfast had been a bad joke.” Cole stroked his goatee with the palm of his hand, to hide his smile.

A stubborn lip pressed forward, and Maribel shrugged. “It’s April first. What did you expect?”

Eli sighed.

Before he could do or say anything, Maribel rushed. “But I’ve brought cream filled doughnuts, we can have a tea party.”

Daphne dropped her book in her lap and clapped. “Yay, a tea party!”

Her enthusiasm was infectious, and both he and Eli sank onto the floor around the tiny table with the delicate tea set and accepted a doughnut on a napkin from Maribel while Daphne bustled with cups and saucers.

The doughnut Maribel handed him was still warm to the touch, and Cole’s mouth watered as he took the first bite, chewed the delicious dough… and hastily spit out the bite when the sharp taste of mustard instead of the sweet cream he’d expected assaulted his senses. What the ever-loving fuck?

“April Fools!” both Daphne and Maribel yelled, giggling behind their hands.

Wiping his mouth with another napkin, Cole caught sight of Eli’s face which had turned from shock to thunder. That’s right, my friend, our girls need some correction. Eli rose. The dark expression still firmly planted on his face. Cole followed suit. Folding his arms over his chest, Cole sidled up to Eli and loomed over the giggling women. They were cute, he had to give them that, but they were also going to pay for the pranks they’d pulled.

“You know,” Cole told Eli in a conversational tone, “In Scotland they follow April Fools’ Day up with another event called Tallie Day.”

Eli turned his face toward Cole and cocked his head in a ‘go on, I’m interested gesture.’

“It involves tricks played on people’s behinds.” Cole grinned. “Do you still have the pet play tails here?”

Eli’s answering smirk held a note of evil. “That’ll teach them. They’re in the box on the top shelf. I’ll get them.”

Trying to stop giggling, Daphne clutched her aching sides and watched her and Maribel’s Daddies talk about backsides, Tallie Day, and… tails? Uh-oh, that doesn’t sound good.

Cole gave her stern look. “Baby girl, I am disappointed. One prank is okay, but there’s a limit on what you can pull. Even on a day like this.”

Her throat squeezed tight, and she bowed her head. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

“I want you to strip out of your coveralls and panties. You can keep your tank top on.”

Um. Daphne glanced at Eli’s back. She scooted closer to Cole. “Take off my knickers?”

“Yes, baby girl. Both you and Maribel will bare your sweet little cunts and naughty asses for Eli and me. You’ll receive three swats from each of us and after we’ve turned your backsides rosy, we have a little extra surprise for you. If you’re fast, I’ll promise we won’t use mustard for lube.”

Lube? Daphne’s eyes widened, and she stole a glance at the objects Eli had retrieved from the box on the top shelf.” Bugger, those tails won’t get attached to our clothes.

Making eye-contact with Maribel, she received a resigned shrug and a crooked smile. Their little April Fools’ Day game had transformed indulging Daddy Doms into stern Disciplinarians. Oh well, it had been fun while it lasted and although she and Maribel were born pranksters, they also liked that Cole and Eli didn’t tolerate brats.

Probably taking her silence for fear, Cole squatted next to her and touched her cheek. “You know you can always use your safeword, right?”

Daphne almost nodded, remembered Cole wanted verbal feedback, and sweetly replied, “Yes, Daddy. I don’t need it. I’ll accept my punishment.”

“Funishment,” he amended.

Daphne wrinkled her nose at him. “Yeah, no, I don’t think it’s fun when you shove something up my arse.”

Cole burst out laughing. “Fun for me then. Punishment for you.” He rose and accepted a bottle of lube and a long fluffy tail.

Oh boy.

Daphne took off the items of clothing Cole had ordered. Against the white tank top her small breasts grew heavier, and her nipples poked against the fabric like eraser points.

Maribel was entirely naked except for a ruffled crop top and fluffy pink socks.

Daphne wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. They both looked ridiculous. But… play together, stay together. She held out her hand to Maribel and was happy when the other Little gripped her hand and squeezed.

Eli cleared his throat and pointed at the rocking chair. “All right, little brats. I want you standing on either side of the chair, holding the armrests. Stand on your tiptoes and push your ass in the air for us.”

She positioned herself and hoped the men wouldn’t see how wet she was between her legs. Her cunny ached and clamped around the emptiness inside. Putting her head on her forearms, Daphne arched her back and stared under her arm at Master Eli behind her.

“Let’s get this over with, girly.” Eli gripped her neck and gave her three swats in quick succession.

Daphne sighed in relief. The hard-faced Master of Thorns and Roses hadn’t spanked her half as hard as Cole did. Oh, the swats stung but it wasn’t too bad.

The men moved around, until they were standing behind their own submissives. She glanced at Maribel, who winked. Relief rushed through Daphne’s chest. Probably both Daddies had gone lightly on the other’s submissive.

“I want you to count and thank me.” Cole voice was firm but not cruel.

“Yes, Daddy.” Daphne dropped her head to her forearms and tried not to stiffen.

Whack. Like always the sound proceeded the pain. Then fire bloomed on her right buttocks and Daphne hissed.

A pause.

Oh bugger! “One, thank you, Daddy.”

Whack. Another slap landed on the left side of her bottom.

“Two, thank you, Daddy.”

Whack. Searing heat burned at her sit spot and despite her resolution to accept her punishment with dignity she jerked up, danced around while rubbing her butt and trying not to glare at Cole.

He folded his arms, waiting.

Oh shoot! “Three, th-thank you, Daddy.”

Cole nodded his approval. “Get back in position.” He turned away and got one of the tails and bottle of lube.

The anal plug attached to the fluffy tail looked huge from this angle. She hurried to lean back over the chair arm and wished she hadn’t looked. The plug was shaped like a mushroom and awfully thick.

Cole chuckled. “Maybe not as long as my dick, but it has the girth.” He used one hand to keep her in place, drizzled lube between her cheeks, before his fingers scissored inside stretching her open. He trickled more lube and added another finger.

Her wetness dampened the insides of her thighs.

“Maybe I can take you like this. Your asshole is squeezing my fingers. My cock would enjoy being there.”

Daphne cringed internally at the idea of her Daddy’s huge cock in a place where none should be.

His fingers pulled out and then the cold, slick tip of the plug was at her entrance– bigger than his fingers and unyielding. Daphne’s thighs shook as she tried to stay in position for his intrusion.

“Such a good girl for Daddy.” Cole pressed a kiss to the back of her neck and steadily penetrated her until her tight ring of muscles closed around the smaller base of the plug.

Daphne fought her instinctual need to expel the plug. This plug was much bigger than the one she had worn before. But that one had been in all day. She hoped this wouldn’t be in so long. However, Daddy Cole put it there, so it would have to stay in until he took it out. She stayed still, adjusting to the feeling of being so full.

After a minute or two, she lifted her gaze to see how Maribel was doing. Her friend had her eyes squeezed and her face scrunched up like she sucked on a lemon, but she was quiet and just a bit wiggly, as she adjusted to her plug and tail.

Daddy Eli exchanged glances with Daddy Cole and said, “I think playtime is over. Who knows what other pranks they’ll dream up if we let them stay together. Besides, watching Maribel wriggle around like this is giving me ideas for adult time together.

“Me, too,” Daddy Cole responded. “Okay if we use a room upstairs?”

“Take your pick, we’ll be in the office.” He picked up Maribel, slung her over his shoulder and took her away.

Now it was just Cole and Daphne. She was becoming increasingly nervous about what her Daddy might have in mind. “How do you feel, Daphne?”

“Very, very full, Daddy. I feel like I need to poop it all out.”

“That’s normal. As long as you keep it in, you can feel whatever you like. We’re going upstairs now. Do you have a preference for which room we use?”

“No.” She pouted, still not happy with the plug or the tail.

“No, what?”

Bugger. “No, Daddy,” she amended sweetly.

“Watch your tone, young lady. You’re verging on sullen. I expect my little girl to be enthusiastic about adult play.”

“Yes, Daddy. I’ll try harder.”

“That’s better. I have all sorts of wonderful ideas for how we can spend the next couple of hours while you’re wearing the plug. I think you’ll find them very enjoyable. Now do I need to carry you, or can you walk under your own power?”

“May I get dressed first?” She knew her voice sounded plaintive, but she couldn’t help herself. “No, you may not. If I wanted you to dress, I’d have mentioned that already. Now, walk or carry?”

“Carry, please, Daddy?” She almost begged.

“Since you ask so nicely, I will.” Cole picked her up and cradled her in his arms like she was the princess he always made her feel she was. He even stopped and grabbed her overall shorts and carried them, too, as they made their way to the private rooms for some extended adult play.

If you want to read Cole’s and Daphne’s story, check out Daddying Daphne. It’s free in KU and so are most of my other books.

About Karen Nappa:

Karen Nappa is an Amazon bestselling author of Seasoned BDSM romance with HEA. Published since 2019, her work include series such as Small-Town Submission and Doms in Uniform.

Immersed in the D/s lifestyle herself, she writes realistic albeit romantic stories. When not dominated by her cats or her Master (in that order—even if it earns her a spanking!), she loves going places to discover the stories waiting to be written.

She resides in the Netherlands with her dominant husband, a son, a surprise daughter, and a bonus daughter– and, of course, her two Chausie cats. More often than not, her household resembles a Zoo (what’s not to love?).

If she isn’t writing or texting with friends, she’s probably reading, running, or listening to heavy metal.

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