“The Sainthood – Boys of Lowell High Series” Book Review

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Resurrection (#1)
Rebellion (#2)
Reign (#3)
Siobhan Davis

Publication Dates:
Resurrection (Jan 31st 2020),
Rebellion (April 10th 2020),
Reign (July 30th 2020)
Genres: Dark Romance, Erotic, Contemporary, Reverse Harem, Suspense
Source: Kindle (purchased)

Heat Gauge: 5 out of 5 blazing infernos

These books are full of explicit erotic scenes.
For 18+ readers only.


Harlow Westbrook is hard as steel and out for vengeance against the gang she suspects killed her father, the gang that kidnapped and tortured her all those years ago. And now the president is engaged to her mother. WTF?

In her quest for the truth, she finds allies in the most unlikely group of guys. But trust does not come easily for any of them, leading to tests of loyalty and gripping misunderstandings. All while slow burning, erotic romance builds between them. Hazard warning: this series is HOT AF!


I am a big fan of Siobhan Davis and this easily my favourite series of hers to date. My only complaint would be the repetitive use of dirty words in her raunchy scenes. Otherwise, I absolutely loved these books. The characters came to life, the story was full of suspense, and the tension kept mounting until the end of the final installment.  

Davis also did a brilliant job of connecting with my emotions. The action was nail-biting, the sexy scenes titillating, and the tragedies were heart-breaking. Gang rivalry and politics played a large role in this series and the world was so thoroughly detailed that I felt like I was there at times.  

The Sainthood – Boys of Lowell High Series is a gritty, steamy, and page-tuning dark romance. I highly recommend it to all lovers of this genre and anyone looking for action-packed suspense. With the depictions of graphic violence, it is worth noting that these books are not for the faint-hearted.

About the Author

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HR Manger turned full-time writer; Siobhan Davis has become a USA Today bestseller. Based in Ireland, she loves writing dark and complex romance novels that are full of plot twists and page-turning drama.