December 2020 Update

Christmas carols played in the background as my son and I placed the last decorations on the tree. Smiling, I watched with delight as my husband switched on the lights. Wrapping my arms around them both, we stood there, admiring our work, while my cup filled up with festive cheer.

Crystal's Crucible: Beta Readers Needed

I am so close to finishing the latest novel in the Phoebe Braddock Books that I can taste the excitement, or is that the eggnog? Anyway, I am looking for volunteers to read this story and provide valuable feedback. 

What you get as a beta reader:

  • A free electronic copy of my book
  • Your name printed in the acknowledgements
  • My eternal gratitude 

About this book:

Crystal’s Crucible is a suspense filled forbidden romance involving a young chemistry graduate and her new boss.

Warning: This book contains coarse language, explicit scenes, situations where consent is dubious, and graphic depictions of violence and drug use.

Want to beta read this book?

If you would like to be one of the first people to read this novel and provide feedback, please apply below.

Excerpt from Crystal's Crucible

After attempting to rub the Mondayitis from his eyes, Adam pushed the button on the coffee machine and stared blankly at the cream-coloured plasterboard wall of the breakroom. He winced as the harsh grinding noise started. God, I’d hate to work in a café.

‘Oh, good, you’re here.’ Michael popped his head around the door. ‘I need to see you in my office.’

Adam groaned. ‘I haven’t even had my first cup yet, Mike.’

‘Sorry boss, but this is kinda urgent.’

With a sigh, Adam poured a splash of milk into his brew and took it with him as he followed Michael. Being the Administration Manager, Michael Higgins was situated near the front of the building. This meant traversing the open plan office area where several people looked up from their cubicle desks to smile and greet Adam. He gave each of them a polite nod and even fended off a couple of questions by pointing to his steaming hot drink.

Two men in suits rose from their seats when Adam entered the room. The older looking of the two stepped forward to offer his hand. ‘Adam Fairfax? I’m Detective Edward Draper and this is my partner, Detective Brett Hammond.’

Adam’s body stiffened as he shook their hands. What the hell do the police want? ‘What can I do for you, Detectives?’

Detective Draper gestured for him to sit as Michael closed the door. It was cramped with the four of them squeezed into Michael’s poky office.

‘We might be more comfortable in the board room,’ Adam suggested.

Draper shook his head. ‘It’s okay, we won’t take much of your time.’

Perching himself on the vacant chair, Adam took a sip of his coffee before placing it on the desk.

‘We found one of your employees this morning.’

Adam exchanged furrowed brows with Michael before returning his attention to Draper. ‘Found who and how?’

‘Robert Landon was found dead, from an apparent suicide.’

All the blood drained from Adam’s face. ‘Oh God! Robert killed himself? Why on Earth would he do that?’

‘That’s why we wanted to talk to you,’ Hammond explained.