January 2021 Update

New Year’s resolution: cut all sugar from my diet. How hard can it be? I’ve done it before.

Eats 3 candy canes and a slice of ice cream cake. Oops. Lack of impulse control is definitely a trait that I share with Alannah Winters (heroine of my upcoming series, Winter’s Magic).

Winter's Maiden 2

The power to protect is also the power to corrupt.

Winter’s Maiden 2 continues the story of the Winters family, delving into the mystic underbelly and exploring issues of power, corruption, and BDSM.

Note: This is the second of six main books in the Winter’s Magic series. It is advisable to start with Winter’s Maiden 1.

Warning: This book contains coarse language and explicit scenes, including depictions of sexual violence and minor BDSM that may upset or offend some readers. There is also a partial cliff-hanger for one of the characters, which is somewhat resolved in Winter’s Thrall (launching May 2022).


Full blurb and cover reveal to follow.

Beta Readers Needed

Beta copies of Winter’s Maiden 2 will be going out next month. If you are interested in providing feedback on this novel, but have not yet read the first, I will send you a free advanced copy of Book 1 to get you up to speed. 

What you’ll get as a beta reader:

  • A free electronic copy of my book plus an ARC of Book 1 if needed
  • Your name printed in the acknowledgements
  • My eternal gratitude 

Excerpt from Winter's Maiden 2

Returning to her office, she settled in behind the solid oak desk and turned on the Waterford crystal lamp. She withdrew a pad and fountain pen from the drawer to her right and commenced:



While I understand that it is not customary for a mage conceived at Beltane to be concerned with the identity of their biological father, it has come to my attention that you are pursuing such knowledge. If this is indeed the case, I have some insights that would be of great value in your quest.

Rising from her desk, she deliberated over the wording of her next paragraph while peering out through the tempered glass of her window. The street below buzzed with the city nightlife one would expect from Sydney on a Saturday night. She looked forward to joining them, but she needed to finish that letter. Time to stop procrastinating. Returning to her seat, she resumed writing:


Sharing this information will not be without risk to myself, nor will it come free. If you are willing to meet at a secure location, I am sure we can strike a suitable deal. I assure you that I mean you no harm and that such a rendezvous will be safe. It is of no consequence to me should you choose to disregard this letter and decline my offer. However, accepting my invitation would be of much benefit to you.

If you decide to seek me out, please contact Patrick, my agent, to arrange a time and place. I have enclosed his business card.

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