May Web Panel: Reverse Harem

Starla chats with guest authors about the reverse harem sub-genre. Guest authors joining us are:

  • Sian Ceinwen
  • Kenna Shaw Reed

Sian Ceinwen, a steamy contemporary romance author who accidentally wrote a reverse harem by writing smutfics about her characters. Wicked Freedom, the final book in the Something Wicked reverse harem trilogy, comes out on May19th.


Kenna Shaw Reed. Happily married to the love of her life and raising three teens, Kenna was flawed by the words, “You have MS.” Suddenly, life felt shorter, and all the characters that had lived in her head demanded to be written. Now the author of over thirty books, she loves to create the perfect man or men, fall in love, break his (or their) heart and then create a happily ever after.


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