Starla’s May 2022 Reviews

A Boy and his Dog
By Chloe Holiday

Genre: Contemporary romance, enemies to lovers
Trigger Warnings: Main character with a stalker, references to military PTSD.
POV: 3rd Person, past tense, alternating dual perspective
Heat gauge: 🔥🔥🔥 (3/5)

When a bomb detection mission goes pear shaped, Grant Calloway finds himself unemployed and lonely without the company of his retired canine partner. Then he learns that a civilian adopted his pal, Mojo. Outraged, he hunts down the woman who couldn’t possibly know how to care for an ex-military dog with PTSD. Only, Dr. Hope Hernandez is quite the pleasant surprise. She may be ill equipped to handle Mojo’s needs, but she could use the dog’s fiercely protective nature, especially with a stalker on her tail. Plus, Grant kind of develops a soft spot for her, so….

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the tension between Hope and Grant develop into a steamy love affair with a HEA. And Mojo? OMG he is the sweetest and he totally sucked me in. Beyond the wonderful characters, I loved the page-turning suspense and the insight into the doctor’s fast-paced, dog-eat-dog career.

If you enjoy steamy romance with lovable characters, this is the book for you.

House of Darken
(Secret Keepers #1)
By Jaymin Eve

Genre: Sci-fi/fantasy romance, young adult fiction
POV: 1st Person, past tense, single perspective
Heat gauge: 🔥🔥 (2/5)

When Emma’s guardians go missing on the first night in their new town, she stops caring about the rules. Who are these people to tell her where she can and can’t walk anyway? Soon after a short stroll on the wrong side of the road, she discovers the big secret her intriguing neighbours were trying to protect, a secret they kidnap her to protect. Emma and Lexen grow close as they search for her missing guardians across two worlds. Then they discover that Emma is the one holding the key to a far greater secret.

I don’t normally go for sci-fi, but the premise of this one intrigued me, and I am so glad I gave it shot. The author did a marvellous job of setting the scene without too much exposition or detailed descriptions, instead focussing on the wonderful characters and the strange events unfolding around them. I loved how she explored the concept of aliens among us, teleporting us to another world that is quite different to our own, yet fundamentally the same.

If you enjoy reading fantasy romance, I highly recommend this one, even if, like me, you don’t usually read science fiction.

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