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An Excerpt from my WIP: Winter’s Mother 2

Tempting as it was to eavesdrop on Brendan and Alannah’s conversation, Jacob desperately needed to deal with his own frustrations. He knew lusting after Brendan was a hopeless endeavour, but he couldn’t help himself. The man was sex on legs after all.

Lost in his thoughts, he didn’t even realise the bathroom was occupied until he opened the door and barged inside.


Oops. How’d I forget Amy was staying here too? He stared at the redhead who stood naked in the shower cubicle, all curves and shit. Ah heck, I’m never gonna get rid of my boner at this rate. She must’ve just finished because the water had stopped running.

‘Get the fuck out, you perverted arsehole!’ She threw a drenched loofah at him.

He caught it and tossed it aside. ‘Sorry shorty. I didn’t know you were in here.’

Crossing her arms under her D-cups, she scowled. ‘You expect me to believe that? You’re innately attuned to senses, dipshit. If you come any closer with that disgusting thing,’ she pointed at his dick, ‘I’ll rip your pissy little balls off.’

‘Pfft. Don’t flatter yourself, Amy. My state of arousal has nothing to do with you.’

‘Maybe not, but I wouldn’t put it past you to try something. I know how you fuck everyone who moves.’

Marching up to her, he wrapped a hand around her throat and shoved her back against the cubicle wall. ‘Not everyone. I’m not a rapist. I suggest you get your facts straight before making outrageous accusations.’

Storm clouds flurried in her wide hazel eyes and for a few glorious seconds the feisty dwarf held her tongue. She gave him just enough time to entertain wild, inappropriate fantasies before pushing him away. ‘Fuck off, Bennett. I’m going to need another shower now, to wash your bloody filth away.’

His feet slipped on the tiles, but he reached out and grabbed the soap dish before his arse hit the deck. ‘Sounds more like you need to wash your mouth out. I doubt Alannah even swears as much as you.’

Out! Go find another bathroom. It’s not like this house is hurting for them.’

‘Fine. Whatever.’ He sauntered out, slamming the door behind him. Amy had always irritated him, but after Jacob had fallen out with the old crew, she infuriated him every chance she got. It’s that goddamned mouth of hers. Sometimes he wished he could stuff a gag in it. Or better still, my cock. He halted in the hallway. I so didn’t just think that. Did I? He shook away the absurd notion and found one of the many ensuite bathrooms.

© 2022 L. Starla.

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