October 2022 Author Life

October 2022 Author Life

I am a paranormal romance writer (I hope you know this by now), and liking Halloween is part of my job description. 

Halloween brings out the spooky side of me with all the mythical creatures, spirits, vampires, and so much more. I love to include them in my books. 

Though traditionally, it is not an Australian festival, we have adopted it over the years. I love dressing up and decorating my home. 

I usually go out with my husband for dinner, followed by a scary movie. 

This year, If I have the energy I might even make pumpkin pie. My plan for the evening is to binge on chocoalate while watching a horror film at home. My favourite horror movie is Event Horizon.

Happy Holloween……stay safe……and don’t fall for that handsome vampire. He’s mine :p.

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