January 2023 Author Life

Author Life Jan 2023

New Year’s Celebrations & Resolutions

Happy New Year 2023! I hope you guys are doing well and reading your hearts out.
I started this year with a warm and cozy family get-together. There was lots of food, wine, laughter, and hope in our eyes for the year ahead.
As far as my New Year’s resolutions go, my primary focus will be writing and work. This year, I will concentrate more on my writing. I have already prepared a schedule and plan to follow it throughout the year.
Also, there was a recent health crisis in the family, so I decided to hub more on my own health. I used to practise intermittent fasting, but I couldn’t keep it up due to time constraints and work pressure. This year, I have already started my intermittent fasting and plan to continue for the whole year.
In the comments, tell me how you celebrated New Year’s Eve and what your New Year’s resolutions are. I’m waiting to hear from you all!

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