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Five Tips that will help you Commence your Writing Career

I have seen many people who want to become writers, but in the beginning, they do not understand how to start writing. These five pointers will be extremely beneficial to your writing journey. In these five tips, I have told you how to commence penning and what things to keep in mind.

1- Before starting to write anything, we should decide why we have to write, for what to write, and on which topic.

If we decide before writing why we have to write, for what we have to write, and on which topic, then it becomes much easier for us to write. It has been seen many times that many writers, while writing about one topic, suddenly switch to another topic. Because of this, a lot of confusion arises while reading, and the readers do not get a good impression.

2- Before embarking on a writing career, we should also read the works of other authors and writers. 

We should also read the works of more writers before starting our writing careers. We get to learn a lot from other writers. When we read the works of other writers, we get to learn new writing techniques, methods, and a lot more from them.

3- To become superior/good writers, we should write daily. 

If you want to become a writer, then it will be very important that you write every day because, by writing every day, we develop the habit of writing. If we write daily, our way of writing also improves a lot, because practise is very important to becoming a successful writer. 

4- Before any topic about which you are going to write, you should research that topic.

If we do our research well before writing, then it becomes very easy for us to write. Even if you are a prominent writer, research is very important for a well-written work. 

5- We should write while sitting in a quiet place so that there is no distraction.  

We should always write while sitting in a quiet place so that there is no distraction. Sitting in a quiet place while writing, new ideas and stories come easily to the brain.

About Hiba Khan:

She has completed her master’s in English Literature and Music. She loves writing and reading books. She also loves photography and cooking. She has written many anthologies. She wrote plays during her college years and earned trophies. She is an author. She has written a “Life is like a dish” book. She also does ghostwriting, book reviews, content writing, food blog writing, blog editing, Hindi writing, designing, etc.

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