December 2023 Update

Winter’s Mother 2: Winter’s Magic Part 4

I have some good news and magic to share- Winter’s Mother 2: Winter’s Magic Part 4 is now available, and it is performing very well!

Reader response has been nothing short of fantastic, and I owe it all to you. I couldn’t be more grateful for such a wonderful readership. 

If you haven’t had the chance to order your copy, please do so now.

2024 Marketing Update

2024 isn’t far away, and I’m excited to reveal some changes to my newsletter and social media  that will take effect in 2024.

Starting next year, instead of sending out two different newsletters per month, I will integrate both Contemporary and Paranormal romances into one, comprehensive newsletter that will be sent out in the middle of each month. My goal here is to fill your inboxes with less while keeping you up-to-date with my author news and informed with interesting articles. If you haven’t yet subscribed, you can signup here.

Another big change is my social media consolidation. I’m closing my Facebook Groups (Street Team and Reader’s Group) as there has not been much engagement within these groups. You will still be able to follow my Facebook Page and Instagram for insights into my author life and other exciting news.

There won’t be too many changes to my blog, although you will start to see more promos coming through. The biggest change will be my serial fiction. Season 2 of The Dark Matter Between Our Hearts will conclude this month and give way to a second season of Well I’ll Be Damned

Guest Blogger Applications for 2024 are now open. 

My blog is open to all authors and other creatives. This is a FREE opportunity to share some of your work and promote yourself to an audience that typically reads romance, magical realism, suspense, fantasy, and horror. Any creative works in these genres are welcome, including visual art, poertry, music, and fiction.

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