April 2022 Update

I did it! After much blood, sweat and tears, I finally finished drafting Undeniably Wrong, the fourth instalment of the Phoebe Braddock Books. This was the most difficult book I have written to date, partly because of how raw it made me feel, but also because I battled some serious creative burnout during the process.

Cover Reveal

Have you seen the cover reveal for Undeniably Wrong yet?
If not, be sure to check it out below.

Music credits: myuu – Don’t Die On Me

Music provided by RFM: https://youtu.be/C29dUoD8hJc

Beta Reading Opportunity

Would you like to provide feedback on my latest manuscript? I’m looking for beta readers who can read Undeniably Wrong with a critical eye so that I can polish it for publication. Please note that feedback for this book is due 31st May 2022.

The Blurb:

There are many sides to every story and Lucinda’s tale is no exception.

Lucinda’s affair damaged Adam Fairfax and it took him years to recover. Most painted her as the villain, but did anyone think to ask her why their marriage collapsed? Why did she cheat on him?

I dare you to turn back the clock and delve into a warped web of high society schemes and veiled threats. This is a world where people poison everything they touch and make a blood sport of betrayal. With all the lies and deception swirling around her like a murky swamp, it is no wonder Lucinda bought into it, letting it taint her soul and relationships. Yet none of them pose a greater risk than the shadows of her past.

Note: While this is the 4th Phoebe Braddock Book and a prequel to Crystal’s Crucible, it can be read standalone.

Trigger Warnings: Cheating, sexual violence, domestic abuse, miscarriage, and sex scenes, including f/f.

Winter's Thrall Book Giveaway

The Winter’s Magic  saga continues with Winter’s Thrall, which is coming to bookstores this May.

Add this book to your TBR for your chance to win a signed paperback, or one of 4 eBook copies. All winners will also receive eBooks of the first two titles in this series.

Winter's Maiden Fan Art Contest

If you have some artistic talent, don’t miss your chance to enter this contest.

I am giving away a $50 eBook store gift card plus a print copy of the Winter’s Maiden Box Set, (available September 2022) to one winner. The winning piece of art may then be used on the cover of the box set with full credit given.

Shortlisted contestants will also receive an eBook copy of this box set.

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